Chapter 11

Chapter 11: I fell from the sky

Having completely submitted to Lilith, she comes forward and cuts me down from a tree. Having been released from the tight straps and ropes, I fall heavily on the ground. Luckily, there was a tree squirrel that broke my fall.

Enemy Defeated: Tree Squirrel Exp +2

New Exp Value: Level 1 [EXP 2/10]

Loot: N/A

Wow, the first time I got EXP, was due to fall onto a tree squirrel and crushing it, well, EXP is EXP, you can never get enough of it. OW, I feel my neck being punctured by two sharp teeth. Though I was confused at first as to why this was happening, I just remembered that the one who let me down was a vampire.

Looking at my HP bar it is slowly decreasing at a rate of 1 hp per second. This is probably due to the blood that Lilith is sucking out right now. I hope that I don’t become anemic due to lack of blood. Though I say this, it’s not like I have any control over how much blood she drinks, so all I can really do is pray and hope.

Lilith: “Your blood is really tasty ya know? It’s like a fine aged wine. A blood vodka that burns when it slides down your throat. If you were to sell your blood, it might get quite a high price on the market. I can already see it. Wincent Brand Blood, premium human blood.”

Wincent: “Can you please stop being so scary. Also, what are you going to do to me now that you had your treat. Kill me? Capture me? Enslave me?”

Lilith: “Oh heavens no, I was just going to leave you here in the forest, it’s not like there’s much else I can do ya know, I just drank a bit of your blood because you seemed like you needed help, and I was a bit thirsty.”

Wincent: “So you were taking pity on me because you saw me stuck in a tree.”

Lilith: “Yep, how did you get stuck in a tree anyway? You seemed to be dangling from some ropes, did someone tie you up in a tree? “

Wincent: “Actually, I fell from the sky.”

Lilith: “Could it be…”

Wincent: “Could it be what? What are you talking about?”

Lilith: “Are you an envoy of god?”

Wincent: “What could you possibly mean by that, what’s an envoy of god? I am firm practitioner of atheism, who is this god you speak of.”

As I say this, cold beads of sweat begin to form on my back. How could she guess it so correctly, all I said was that I fell from the sky!

Lilith: “Oh atheism, hmm, I recall having heard that all of these envoys say something about this weird atheism when they arrive. As far as I know, there is no cult or religion called atheism. Would you care to enlighten me as to what it means?”

I am so definitely screwed, I just dug my own grave, please spare me, I have already died twice, I don’t want to die again.

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