Chapter 12

Chapter 12: Take me to your master

Lilith: “You have basically confirmed my suspicions. I definitely need to bring you to my master now.”

Wincent: “Why do you need to bring me to your master? If it’s to torture me or to dismember me for experiments, I would rather just die right here. “

Lilith: “My master wouldn’t torture you, I think… Actually thinking about it, she has tortured a lot of people in the past. I can’t guarantee that nothing bad will happen to you, but I am about 33% sure that you won’t be tortured or dismembered.”

Wincent: “Just 33%, I wouldn’t even want to go if it was 99%. I am definitely not going to go.”

Lilith: “In that case, I’ll just have to drag you back forcefully. Even if I cut off a limb or two, I am sure healing magic can grow it back. If all else fails, we can always just graph a new arm onto you, or maybe-”

Wincent: “-STOP I’ll come willingly, please just don’t hurt me.”

Lilith: “Wow, outside of that manly exterior is just a frail little girl… I did not expect that your willpower could be so weak, even a ten-year-old has more willpower than you.”

Wincent: “Fine, just take me to your master already. My heart can’t bear the insults being thrown my way.”

At the home of Lilith’s Master

Lilith: “Wow, it actually took us so long to get back. Huff Huff Huff, those five minutes were extremely tiring.”

Wincent: “Even though you can easily kill me, your stamina is just terrible, you couldn’t even handle a five-minute jog. If not for the fact that I know you could kill me before I could get far away enough from you, I would have already ran far, far away.”

Lilith: “Yeah, yeah, yeah, Master is inside, I’ll go tell them I’m back. You stay here, if you dare to run away, we can easily track you down.

Wincent: “Okay, fine, fine, I’ll just wait outside here.

As I watch Lilith enter into the house, I take a fleeting glance at the exterior. What I come upon shocks me greatly. How, just how could this be here, this world could never have possibly know what this is. This world isn’t advanced enough yet, how can there possibly be a GIANT ROBOT.


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