Chapter 3

Chapter 3:Life is death, death is life, true is false, false is true.

Surprisingly I find myself once again sleeping in my bed. I seem to recall having walked outside earlier, how did I find myself in here again? I once again look around the room, but this time, it’s somewhat different. There is a very large layer of dust covering everything, and mildew is growing in the corner of the room. It almost feels like 50 years have passed since then, but I still feel the same as I ever was. Most of the wood that used to make up the house is now rotting. The small table that used to be next to my bed has long since crumbled into dust while the book that used to sit on it has countless holes and water marks as if it was left in the rain for months. There are no changes to my body in any way. And the room looks the same, except that it now exudes an air of decrepitness.

I once again get up, open the door, and walk outside. Breathing a fresh breath of air, I open my eyes. In front of me is what seems like a graveyard. Spread out in front of me are graves as far as the yes can see, which isn’t very far considering it’s quite a foggy night. Though there are lots of graves, they are spaced quite evenly and seem to have been swept recently. I can clearly remember that the last time I came outside, I was still in a village. So what is it that happened in the time from when I fell unconscious until now? Confused, I start to investigate my surroundings and see that there are actually quite a few shadows roaming about in graveyard. Although it is pitch black outside, I can see everything as if it was under the midsummer sun. Although I can’t make out the details of one of the shadows, I can tell that they are definitely not human as they seem about 5 meters tall with lanky arms and legs.Looking around I can see that all of the graves have the names scratched out as if someone didn’t want people to know who was buried here. Searching around I finally came upon one grave with the peculiar message: Here lies the one who kills, here lies the one who slays, here lies the one who dies, life is death, death is life, taker of sin, taker of life. A mysterious message in the middle of a graveyard filled with unknown beings. This place can’t get any scarier right? Suddenly a pop-up appears that is alerting me of a quest.

[Quest: Night at the Graveyard Pt. 1]

Tombstones found: ½

Though this is somewhat startling, I have played video games before so I know that quests will give me more information if I complete them, so I go and start looking around.

After around 15 minutes of looking around and avoiding those unusual figures, I finally stumble upon the second marked tombstone while searching. It once again has a peculiar line of words.

Here lies the root of all suffering, here lies the cause and effect, here lies the reason of death, the truth is false the false is true, giver of sin, giver of strife.

After I finish reading the grave marker, another pop-up shows up.

[Quest: Night at the Graveyard Pt.1 Completed]

[Quest: Night at the Graveyard Pt. 2 In Progress]

Look for the stairs down into the underground world.

After completing part one, of course it would make me complete part two.

Seeing the message show up, I begin to look around for a flight of stairs down and, coincidentally, there is a flight of stairs right behind the second tombstone. Taking a deep breath, I begin descending just to find no opening. It is as if there was an indestructible glass wall that blocking me to proceed forward down the stairway. Hopefully, this isn’t a bug or a work in progress.

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