Chapter 6

Chapter 6: These are my memories?

100 years later

God: “One more hit should do it.”


God: “Now that my violent tendencies are finally out of my system, I am finally calm enough to help you get back your previous life’s memories.”

Unknown Person 2: “No more, please don’t hit me anymore. I repent, just please stop hitting me.”

God: “Okay, stop your yapping, it’s time for you to get your memories back, this will take a minute or two.”

Unknown Person 2: “Wait, if it was only going to take a few minutes, why did you hit me for about 100 years?”

God: “I just felt like hitting someone, there aren’t many things I can do up here in heaven. I guess it’s just me desiring some form of entertainment, and hitting you was the only thing I could think of at the moment. I was a great stress reliever though, Trillions of years really put a crick in your back.”

Unknown Person 2: “Okay can we just start with my memories now? Please?”

God: “Fine, fine, fine.”

With those words, God places a finger on my forehead. With the passing of a bright, blinding light, memories are flooding into my brain like water from a burst dam.

I am overcome with a cool refreshing feeling, as the memories integrate itself into my brain, connecting one neuron to another, fixing all the various holes in my memory.

Unknown Person 2: “I can finally remember, wait, why does it still seem like there are holes in my memory?”

God: “Oh, that’s probably all the memories you had of necromancy, I removed them all because I didn’t want you to create another disaster in the world I am gonna send you to. You sorta destroyed the last one due to necromancy, so it’s just a small precaution.”

Unknown Person 2: “Well at least I can remember who I am now, but… why do I have 50 different names?”

God: “Oh those were all your aliases, just choose one to be your new name, or I could make a new one for you.”

Unknown Person 2: “I’m okay, I’ll just go with the name I was given when I was born, Wincent Daemon.”

God: “Huh, it’s almost like your parents knew you would grow up to be evil.”

Wincent: …

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