Chapter 9

Chapter 9: I am not dog food, WAIT YES I AM

Being an immobile pile of flesh isn’t really fun. Being unable to move and having to look at the same scenery time after time really makes you go insane. With the absence of change, I lie on the ground in pain. Every so often a bug or two would come and nibble at my flesh. There was even an instance where a fly came and laid their eggs in my arm. All in all, there isn’t much that I could really do.

Five days later

Lying here in the blistering heat, I strongly desired water. I even desired to die, just to get out of this suffering. If only I could move just a little, it would be enough to let me respawn. Being stuck here for days on end doesn’t really help me level up either.

3 hours later

A pack of wolves are hunting off in the distance, they seem to be chasing a deer. They are probably hunting to get food for their own consumption and also for their young. Oh, it seems some of the wolves have noticed my presence and are approaching. I wonder why? Could it be due to the blood scent coming from my body? Well it’s, a change of pace I guess.

The wolves are coming dangerously close to my body, they seem to be sniffing it. I wonder what it is they are thinking OWWWW ONE OF THEM JUST BIT ME. AHH THEY ARE PULLING ME FROM FOUR SIDES! THEY ARE RIPPING ME APART. WHY, WHAT DID I DO TO DESERVE SUCH A FATE! SOMEONE PLEASE KILL ME AND END MY SUFFERING.

As I begin to lose the feeling in my arms and legs, I realize that they have been completely torn off. I am now but a single torso. My blood has long since dried up due to the blistering heat and my muscles have become bare. One of the wolves begin to drag my torso and head back to their den. Finally, I can finally be reborn. One I am out of this dreadful crater, I will finally be able to respawn, finally be able to go and experience my new life in this world.The pain and suffering that I have gone through these past few days are finally going to end. As my body is dragged out of the crater, a bright flash of light appears.

When The light finally fades, I find myself once again with God.

God: “Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha.”

Wincent: “That was not funny.”

God: “Guffaw he ha ha he! Okay, Ha Ha Ha Ha! Sorry sorry, it was my fault, I forgot to tell you a way to land. Ha Ha Ha.”

Wincent: “So, now that I am here, how am I supposed to land,”

God: “Well it’s quite simple really,  you just have to wave your sword to the ground, creating thrust in order to slow down your descent.”

Wincent: “ And how do you expect me to do that?”

God: “Simple, just wave it down at a rate of 200 swings per second and it’ll drastically decrease your falling speed, resulting in a nice comfortable descent.”

Wincent: “Are you saying the truth, or are you just making fun of me.”

God: “Just making fun of you, how did you expect to be able to do that at level 1, people at level 30 can’t do it. Here’s a parachute, take care.”

Thus, I finally began my descent into the mortal plane.

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