Chapter 12

Chapter 12: Take me to your master

Lilith: “You have basically confirmed my suspicions. I definitely need to bring you to my master now.”

Wincent: “Why do you need to bring me to your master? If it’s to torture me or to dismember me for experiments, I would rather just die right here. “

Lilith: “My master wouldn’t torture you, I think… Actually thinking about it, she has tortured a lot of people in the past. I can’t guarantee that nothing bad will happen to you, but I am about 33% sure that you won’t be tortured or dismembered.”

Wincent: “Just 33%, I wouldn’t even want to go if it was 99%. I am definitely not going to go.”

Lilith: “In that case, I’ll just have to drag you back forcefully. Even if I cut off a limb or two, I am sure healing magic can grow it back. If all else fails, we can always just graph a new arm onto you, or maybe-”

Wincent: “-STOP I’ll come willingly, please just don’t hurt me.”

Lilith: “Wow, outside of that manly exterior is just a frail little girl… I did not expect that your willpower could be so weak, even a ten-year-old has more willpower than you.”

Wincent: “Fine, just take me to your master already. My heart can’t bear the insults being thrown my way.”

At the home of Lilith’s Master

Lilith: “Wow, it actually took us so long to get back. Huff Huff Huff, those five minutes were extremely tiring.”

Wincent: “Even though you can easily kill me, your stamina is just terrible, you couldn’t even handle a five-minute jog. If not for the fact that I know you could kill me before I could get far away enough from you, I would have already ran far, far away.”

Lilith: “Yeah, yeah, yeah, Master is inside, I’ll go tell them I’m back. You stay here, if you dare to run away, we can easily track you down.

Wincent: “Okay, fine, fine, I’ll just wait outside here.

As I watch Lilith enter into the house, I take a fleeting glance at the exterior. What I come upon shocks me greatly. How, just how could this be here, this world could never have possibly know what this is. This world isn’t advanced enough yet, how can there possibly be a GIANT ROBOT.


Chapter 11

Chapter 11: I fell from the sky

Having completely submitted to Lilith, she comes forward and cuts me down from a tree. Having been released from the tight straps and ropes, I fall heavily on the ground. Luckily, there was a tree squirrel that broke my fall.

Enemy Defeated: Tree Squirrel Exp +2

New Exp Value: Level 1 [EXP 2/10]

Loot: N/A

Wow, the first time I got EXP, was due to fall onto a tree squirrel and crushing it, well, EXP is EXP, you can never get enough of it. OW, I feel my neck being punctured by two sharp teeth. Though I was confused at first as to why this was happening, I just remembered that the one who let me down was a vampire.

Looking at my HP bar it is slowly decreasing at a rate of 1 hp per second. This is probably due to the blood that Lilith is sucking out right now. I hope that I don’t become anemic due to lack of blood. Though I say this, it’s not like I have any control over how much blood she drinks, so all I can really do is pray and hope.

Lilith: “Your blood is really tasty ya know? It’s like a fine aged wine. A blood vodka that burns when it slides down your throat. If you were to sell your blood, it might get quite a high price on the market. I can already see it. Wincent Brand Blood, premium human blood.”

Wincent: “Can you please stop being so scary. Also, what are you going to do to me now that you had your treat. Kill me? Capture me? Enslave me?”

Lilith: “Oh heavens no, I was just going to leave you here in the forest, it’s not like there’s much else I can do ya know, I just drank a bit of your blood because you seemed like you needed help, and I was a bit thirsty.”

Wincent: “So you were taking pity on me because you saw me stuck in a tree.”

Lilith: “Yep, how did you get stuck in a tree anyway? You seemed to be dangling from some ropes, did someone tie you up in a tree? “

Wincent: “Actually, I fell from the sky.”

Lilith: “Could it be…”

Wincent: “Could it be what? What are you talking about?”

Lilith: “Are you an envoy of god?”

Wincent: “What could you possibly mean by that, what’s an envoy of god? I am firm practitioner of atheism, who is this god you speak of.”

As I say this, cold beads of sweat begin to form on my back. How could she guess it so correctly, all I said was that I fell from the sky!

Lilith: “Oh atheism, hmm, I recall having heard that all of these envoys say something about this weird atheism when they arrive. As far as I know, there is no cult or religion called atheism. Would you care to enlighten me as to what it means?”

I am so definitely screwed, I just dug my own grave, please spare me, I have already died twice, I don’t want to die again.

Chapter 10

Chapter 10: First Contact

As I leap off of the land of the gods, I quickly fall down towards the ground. When I am past the clouds I quickly deploy my parachute to slow down my fall so I don’t once again break my entire body. As I make my way down to the ground, a large gust of wind brings me towards the forest. I realize at this point that I do not know how to control a parachute. As I fall down into the trees, my parachute gets snagged on multiple branches. I am now a human puppet hanging on parachute lines. As I struggle to get out of the parachute, I once again realize that I do not know how to operate a parachute and thusly, cannot get out of one.

Wincent: “Well this is just great, last time I was stuck in a hold, and this time I am stuck in a tree, can this get any worse.”

As I voice my complaint in the seemingly empty woods, a feminine voice sounds out.

???: “Oh, never expected to see a human in these woods, it’s time for a nice treat.”

Wincent: “Treat? Please don’t eat me, I have high blood pressure, I am not a good treat, I am extremely unhealthy, you should try vegan, vegetables and fruits taste great, ha ha ha…”

???: “Oh, but it’s alright, I can have a treat every so often, I did just go on a diet,.

Wincent: “The first time I came down here, I was eaten by wolves, now I am going to be eaten by whatever is down here. Sigh, what did I do in my past life to deserve such a fate.”

???: “Eat you? I never said anything about eating you, I was just going to drink a bit of your blood, that’s all.”

Wincent: “You’re not going to eat me? Wait, drink blood, does that mean you’re a vampire?”

???: “Precisely, what? Did you think I was like some sort of monster?”

Wincent: “Kinda, yea, considering the fact that I can’t see you and that we are in a dark forest. With no one around.”

???: “Welp, now that that conversation is over, let’s get on with the formalities, it’s vampire etiquette ya know. I’ll start, I’m Lilith.”

Wincent: “If I don’t say my name, does that mean that you can’t suck my blood.”

Lilith: “In those cases, we usually put the target under torture until they say their name, though it can get quite bloody sometimes, and it wastes a lot of product, ITs still acceptable.”

Wincent: “I’m WINCENT , please don’t hurt me, I’ll tell you anything you want to know. Ha ha ha…”

Lilith: “Now that’s the spirit. Well, bottom’s up.”

Chapter 9

Chapter 9: I am not dog food, WAIT YES I AM

Being an immobile pile of flesh isn’t really fun. Being unable to move and having to look at the same scenery time after time really makes you go insane. With the absence of change, I lie on the ground in pain. Every so often a bug or two would come and nibble at my flesh. There was even an instance where a fly came and laid their eggs in my arm. All in all, there isn’t much that I could really do.

Five days later

Lying here in the blistering heat, I strongly desired water. I even desired to die, just to get out of this suffering. If only I could move just a little, it would be enough to let me respawn. Being stuck here for days on end doesn’t really help me level up either.

3 hours later

A pack of wolves are hunting off in the distance, they seem to be chasing a deer. They are probably hunting to get food for their own consumption and also for their young. Oh, it seems some of the wolves have noticed my presence and are approaching. I wonder why? Could it be due to the blood scent coming from my body? Well it’s, a change of pace I guess.

The wolves are coming dangerously close to my body, they seem to be sniffing it. I wonder what it is they are thinking OWWWW ONE OF THEM JUST BIT ME. AHH THEY ARE PULLING ME FROM FOUR SIDES! THEY ARE RIPPING ME APART. WHY, WHAT DID I DO TO DESERVE SUCH A FATE! SOMEONE PLEASE KILL ME AND END MY SUFFERING.

As I begin to lose the feeling in my arms and legs, I realize that they have been completely torn off. I am now but a single torso. My blood has long since dried up due to the blistering heat and my muscles have become bare. One of the wolves begin to drag my torso and head back to their den. Finally, I can finally be reborn. One I am out of this dreadful crater, I will finally be able to respawn, finally be able to go and experience my new life in this world.The pain and suffering that I have gone through these past few days are finally going to end. As my body is dragged out of the crater, a bright flash of light appears.

When The light finally fades, I find myself once again with God.

God: “Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha.”

Wincent: “That was not funny.”

God: “Guffaw he ha ha he! Okay, Ha Ha Ha Ha! Sorry sorry, it was my fault, I forgot to tell you a way to land. Ha Ha Ha.”

Wincent: “So, now that I am here, how am I supposed to land,”

God: “Well it’s quite simple really,  you just have to wave your sword to the ground, creating thrust in order to slow down your descent.”

Wincent: “ And how do you expect me to do that?”

God: “Simple, just wave it down at a rate of 200 swings per second and it’ll drastically decrease your falling speed, resulting in a nice comfortable descent.”

Wincent: “Are you saying the truth, or are you just making fun of me.”

God: “Just making fun of you, how did you expect to be able to do that at level 1, people at level 30 can’t do it. Here’s a parachute, take care.”

Thus, I finally began my descent into the mortal plane.

Chapter 8

Chapter 8: A hard landing

God: “Now that you have everything you need, I’ll be sending you off.”

Wincent: “How exactly am I going to be sent off?”

God: “Well that’s easy. I’ll just kick you off into the mortal plane, and I mean that literally.”

It was at that moment, that I realized that it was better to not have asked.

As I began hurtling down towards the ground, I begin to pass out from the g-forces exerted on my body.

Back in the land of the gods

God: “Wow, he is going down there fast, I wonder why he hasn’t deployed his parachute yet… Wait did i even give him one?”

The sound of Wincent screaming resounds through the land of the gods.

God: “Well, that’s a big problem. Ehh, I am too lazy to fix it, if he dies he’ll just respawn here anyway, no need for me to do anything.

Having landed on the ground, I find that almost all of the bones in my body have turned into dust. The pain I am currently feeling cannot be described with words and can only be described with yelling and countless bouts of swearing.


Although it would sound quite vulgar if one were to walk past me at this moment, that would only be in the instance where I could actually speak. Currently, while suffering from massive internal bleeding, my lungs have filled with blood, and all of my teeth are stuck in my throat.

As I am in a large crater as a pile of flesh, a pop-up window appears.

[Would you like to activate the player HUD]

[Yes]                                                      [No]

Due to not having any way to respond, the only option is to think extremely hard about it, and try to get yes selected.

After 5 minutes of training my mind powers, I have finally given up. Luckily, I have regained a single moving organ, which is my tongue!

All those times I tried to touch my nose with my tongue were not in vain as I can now maneuver my tongue to a great extent. With my tongue, I click the yes button and a Health bar, Mana bar, and stamina bar appear.

[HP: -100/100]

[MP: 0/0]

Stamina [0/100]

Level 1: [Exp 0/10]

As I look at the health value I am thoroughly shocked as it is in the negatives. Usually, this would mean that I would be dead already, but what am I doing still alive? While thinking this, a hin appears on my screen.

[You cannot die before leaving the spawn-point]

Well, that’s just great. Thank you for this great tip.

Chapter 7

Chapter 7: Redemption 101: A guide to getting out of hell

God: “Well now that you finally have your memories back, or part of them anyway, We can finally get down to business.”

Wincent: “What business?”

God: “Sending you to a new mortal plane for you to redeem yourself of course.”

Wincent: “Well, what business do we need to attend to?”

God: “First off, here is a book to get you up to date on the situation, oh and you will also need your equipment back, but first, you will have to make a decision. Do you either choose to kill sinners, or choose to redeem them. Do you choose to create your own miracles, or do you choose to slaughter those who go against the world. This is your choice to make.”

Wincent: “What even are those choices?”

God: “Well the first one would mean that you would work as a holy-man, going around healing people and helping people, while also using love and compassion to change people for the better. The second option is a path of slaughter, where you kill everyone who has a large amount of sin. There is always the mix of the two every now and then, but those cases are rarely found.”

Wincent: “So I can choose to be a complete pacifist and go around with flowers in my hippie van, or I can go around on a war horse slaughtering myself a sea of blood.”

God: “That’s the gist of it. You just forgot the part where you needed to kill people who have sinned, killing innocents are an absolute no can do, but of course, if people wrong you, you are allowed to take revenge. We don’t really discriminate on this part. As long as you have a good enough reason in order to kill someone, and the equipment you are about to get agrees with it, you can go on and kill them.”

Wincent: “What do you mean if my equipment agrees with it? What equipment will I be getting?”

God: The ordinary loadout, [Common: Beginner sword], [Artifact: Judgement Scale],[N/A: Proof of God’s Envoy]. [Artifact: Map of Sin].

[Artifact: N Sword] 10 Dmg

A mystic sword that grows with the user.

[Artifact: Judgement Scale] Special item

Used to judge the accumulated sin of the user


-1000000                          0                            1000000

Current: -9999999

[N/A: Proof of God’s Envoy] Special item

Right to respawn after death.

[Artifact: Map of Sin] Special item

Minimap Upgrade: Minimap now shows accumulated sin or virtue.

God: “Now that that is all sorted out, there is one last thing to give you.”

Wincent: “What is it?”

God: “Here it is.”

You received book: [Redemption 101: A guide to getting out of hell.]


Chapter 6

Chapter 6: These are my memories?

100 years later

God: “One more hit should do it.”


God: “Now that my violent tendencies are finally out of my system, I am finally calm enough to help you get back your previous life’s memories.”

Unknown Person 2: “No more, please don’t hit me anymore. I repent, just please stop hitting me.”

God: “Okay, stop your yapping, it’s time for you to get your memories back, this will take a minute or two.”

Unknown Person 2: “Wait, if it was only going to take a few minutes, why did you hit me for about 100 years?”

God: “I just felt like hitting someone, there aren’t many things I can do up here in heaven. I guess it’s just me desiring some form of entertainment, and hitting you was the only thing I could think of at the moment. I was a great stress reliever though, Trillions of years really put a crick in your back.”

Unknown Person 2: “Okay can we just start with my memories now? Please?”

God: “Fine, fine, fine.”

With those words, God places a finger on my forehead. With the passing of a bright, blinding light, memories are flooding into my brain like water from a burst dam.

I am overcome with a cool refreshing feeling, as the memories integrate itself into my brain, connecting one neuron to another, fixing all the various holes in my memory.

Unknown Person 2: “I can finally remember, wait, why does it still seem like there are holes in my memory?”

God: “Oh, that’s probably all the memories you had of necromancy, I removed them all because I didn’t want you to create another disaster in the world I am gonna send you to. You sorta destroyed the last one due to necromancy, so it’s just a small precaution.”

Unknown Person 2: “Well at least I can remember who I am now, but… why do I have 50 different names?”

God: “Oh those were all your aliases, just choose one to be your new name, or I could make a new one for you.”

Unknown Person 2: “I’m okay, I’ll just go with the name I was given when I was born, Wincent Daemon.”

God: “Huh, it’s almost like your parents knew you would grow up to be evil.”

Wincent: …

Chapter 5

Chapter 5: Meeting?

Unknown Person 1: “Wake up!”

Unknown Person 2: “I WASN’T THE ONE WHO STOLE THE CHEESE! Wait, what? Where am I?”

Unknown Person 1: “Geez, first, you went down into the world without me knowing, then you die and now you’re back! Why do you do this to me?”

Unknown Person 2: “Where am I? Who am I? When am I? What am I? How did I get here?”

Unknown Person 1: “Calm down, it will all come back to you shortly, you’re just suffering from a bout of reincarnation sickness. Just calm down, and have a drink of water.”

Unknown Person 2: “Thank you. Eww, blech! This water tastes putrid! What is in here?

Unknown Person 1: “All of your memories, and also all of the good deeds you ever did in your life, the tastier it is, the more good deeds you have done.”

Unknown Person 2: “So What you’re saying is, I am a terrible terrible person in my life, so my drink tastes like rotten meat?”

God: “More or less, oh and now that that is out of the way, it’s time for introductions. I’m known as the creator, god, giant flying spaghetti monster, whatever you want to call it. You should be regaining your memories right about now, can you remember what your name is?

Unknown Person 2: “I think I am starting to remember that my name was ARRGH, IT HURTS, IT HURTS SO MUCH, MAKE IT STOP, PLEASE KILL ME!!!”

God: “No can do John Doe, you’re already dead, so I can’t kill you again. But,  if you want the pain to stop, you can always try to think harder, you’ll eventually get used to your neurons frying due to the large amounts of information you collected during the process of 7 lives.”

Unknown Person 2: “ARRGH IT HURTS, wait, did you just say 7 lives? How did I live 7 lives? I can’t remember any of it at all.”

God: “Well, have you heard of the story of Sisyphus, ya know the greek guy who supposedly rolls a boulder up a hill for all eternity because he pissed off the gods by refusing to die around 2 times, well, you are sorta in the same boat, except that we have now remodelled the system to keep up with the times.The new system has a raffle where people who get the lucky raffle ticket are able to go and redeem themselves in the mortal realm once again. In the process of this, they would have to try and become a saint like figure in their world, saving lives left and right, and healing people and producing miracles. To answer your question about your 7 lives, you were a necromancer in your past life, and you eluded the gods, me and my associates,  around 7 times by creating a new body for yourself every time you were about to die and infused your own soul into every new clone body. Even after you were killed, you had a way to trap your soul in the mortal world until a suitable container could be found. Due to this, you were practically undying in your previous life which was a huge sin.”

Unknown Person 2: “But doesn’t everyone fear death? What is wrong with refusing to die?”

God: “Well you were fully aware that you would be reincarnated after you died, but you still refused to die and instead went around recruiting people to join you in your struggle against death, in turn you made lots of people necromancers who started killing people and enslaving them in order to prolong their own life. You gave birth to a whole generation of necromancers who went on to destroy the world you lived in. It was only then that your soul dissipated and you really died.”

Unknown Person 2: “So what you are saying is, I destroyed the world inadvertently while trying to keep myself from dying.”

God: “Precisely”

Unknown Person 2: “So what now? What do you want me to do?”

God: “Well first off, I’m going to jog your memory, have fun, this is gonna be painful.”

It was then, that god proceeded to beat me to a pulp.

Chapter 4

Chapter 4: Trying so hard, just to fall in the end

Having found that there is some type of invisible barrier blocking me from going down the stairs, I begin to try everything I can to break it.

After 25 minutes of punching, kicking, body-slamming, biting, rubbing, and yelling open sesame, I finally slumped down exhausted. Although I am exhausted, I am not physically hurt. This might be due to game settings, but maybe it’s just that I didn’t take any damage.

Just what is this barrier made of? Every time I hit it, it ripples like water, but there is no response from the barrier. Is there really no way to get past it?

Having given up on this endeavor, I began to once again search around the graveyard for more information. In the process of searching I come back to the first marked grave and realize that there is actually a grassy knoll behind it.

While admiring the lovely flowers on the knoll, some flower pollen gets into my eyes and I begin to feel tired. This seems like a good place to take a quick nap. Might as well since I can’t figure out where I’m supposed to go anyway.

While climbing up the small hill, my hand suddenly sinks through and I fall into what seems like an endless pit headfirst.


While contemplating what I did to deserve this fate, I land on the ground and a bunch of red numbers pop up.

[Dmg -99999]

[Health -99899/100]


Welp, I guess that is the end of me, falling from an unimaginable height and turning into a meat patty. This isn’t the best way to die, but it’s better than being eaten alive or dying through torture. Quick and painless, an instant death.

In the midst of thinking this, my consciousness slowly fades away once again, becoming a field of darkness…


Player has died

Restarting from last checkpoint

ERROR File corrupted

Checking for Recovery File

File Found

ERROR Incompatible with PLAYER RACE: Angel Of Death


Restart from death point

Set Spawn Point

Crypt Of Life

Respawning in 10








Chapter 3

Chapter 3:Life is death, death is life, true is false, false is true.

Surprisingly I find myself once again sleeping in my bed. I seem to recall having walked outside earlier, how did I find myself in here again? I once again look around the room, but this time, it’s somewhat different. There is a very large layer of dust covering everything, and mildew is growing in the corner of the room. It almost feels like 50 years have passed since then, but I still feel the same as I ever was. Most of the wood that used to make up the house is now rotting. The small table that used to be next to my bed has long since crumbled into dust while the book that used to sit on it has countless holes and water marks as if it was left in the rain for months. There are no changes to my body in any way. And the room looks the same, except that it now exudes an air of decrepitness.

I once again get up, open the door, and walk outside. Breathing a fresh breath of air, I open my eyes. In front of me is what seems like a graveyard. Spread out in front of me are graves as far as the yes can see, which isn’t very far considering it’s quite a foggy night. Though there are lots of graves, they are spaced quite evenly and seem to have been swept recently. I can clearly remember that the last time I came outside, I was still in a village. So what is it that happened in the time from when I fell unconscious until now? Confused, I start to investigate my surroundings and see that there are actually quite a few shadows roaming about in graveyard. Although it is pitch black outside, I can see everything as if it was under the midsummer sun. Although I can’t make out the details of one of the shadows, I can tell that they are definitely not human as they seem about 5 meters tall with lanky arms and legs.Looking around I can see that all of the graves have the names scratched out as if someone didn’t want people to know who was buried here. Searching around I finally came upon one grave with the peculiar message: Here lies the one who kills, here lies the one who slays, here lies the one who dies, life is death, death is life, taker of sin, taker of life. A mysterious message in the middle of a graveyard filled with unknown beings. This place can’t get any scarier right? Suddenly a pop-up appears that is alerting me of a quest.

[Quest: Night at the Graveyard Pt. 1]

Tombstones found: ½

Though this is somewhat startling, I have played video games before so I know that quests will give me more information if I complete them, so I go and start looking around.

After around 15 minutes of looking around and avoiding those unusual figures, I finally stumble upon the second marked tombstone while searching. It once again has a peculiar line of words.

Here lies the root of all suffering, here lies the cause and effect, here lies the reason of death, the truth is false the false is true, giver of sin, giver of strife.

After I finish reading the grave marker, another pop-up shows up.

[Quest: Night at the Graveyard Pt.1 Completed]

[Quest: Night at the Graveyard Pt. 2 In Progress]

Look for the stairs down into the underground world.

After completing part one, of course it would make me complete part two.

Seeing the message show up, I begin to look around for a flight of stairs down and, coincidentally, there is a flight of stairs right behind the second tombstone. Taking a deep breath, I begin descending just to find no opening. It is as if there was an indestructible glass wall that blocking me to proceed forward down the stairway. Hopefully, this isn’t a bug or a work in progress.