Chapter 2

Chapter 2: Error

The village is relatively large with a simple wooden fence around the perimeter, as shown on my minimap. On the map it also shows the  town hall, the blacksmiths, the leather worker, the sawmill the tavern. These core buildings are in the center of the village while other buildings such as people’s individual homes are strewn about in a disorderly fashion as the minimap has no indicators for these buildings.. All of this would seem like a peaceful village had it not been for the fact that it is too peaceful.

Not a single soul was present in the surroundings, no children running about, no parents toiling to feed their children, no hunters setting out for the hunt. Absolute tranquility peace. The calmness almost begins to feel suffocating.

As I am thinking about the absence of people. My eyes begin to close on my own as I begin to feel groggy. As I begin to lose control of my body, I slump against the wall. As the last shred of my consciousness blinks out, I see a wall of text scrolling past as everything fades to black.

Boot System


Run Tutorial.Exe

Running Tutorial.Exe

ERROR Villager NO.1 not found

ERROR Villager NO.2 not found

ERROR Villager NO.3 not found

ERROR Villager NO.4 not found




ERROR Villager NO. 126 not found

Checking for solution

Solution found

Run CoreProgram_Creationism

ERROR Missing_Resource_Essense_of_Life

Checking for alternative solution

Solution found

Resource_Essense_of_death found


Checking for solution

Solution found

Alternate body creation

Status 1%

Status 3%




Status 99%


Reason for failure: Trace Amount of God’s Light

Solution Angel Of Death

Bestowing Equipment [Common: Beginner Sword] [Artifact: Judgement Scale] [N/A: Proof Of God’s Envoy] [Artifact: Map Of Sin]


Player Creation: Complete

Villager Creation: Complete

Starting Tutorial.exe


Chapter 1

Chapter 1: Could this be VR?

“Wake up!” A loud voice sounds, and I jolt awake,almost falling off of my bed. The drowsiness fades from my eyes, and I start to look around. I see a small room with a small window next to the door. In the corner is a small fireplace and next to the bed is a small table with an unmarked and unadorned book on it. I stare blankly at the book on the table. What is this? I begin to wonder. Where am I? How did I get here? As questions flow through my mind I begin to ponder my situation.

“ARRGH” I feel like someone hits me on the head with a hammer.

The headache hits me hard and I fall on the floor convulsing. Who am I? Where am I? What am I? When am I? I can feel my mind spinning. As the throbbing begins to die down, I finally regain my senses. I take another look around the room. I find a small short sword lying on the floor. I go to pick it up and unsheathe it. I look for any traces or markings on the blade, but there are none. I look at the hilt and find nothing. As I begin to look closer at it, a pop-up appears. Wait… a pop-up? A glowing blue GUI appears in front of me. A few seconds pass. WHAT IS HAPPENING TO ME? WHY IS THERE A POP-UP? Wait… what’s a pop-up?


I once again fall to the floor as memories assault my brain. Memories of the past, of Earth, of arriving, and of dying. What really happened to me? My head is going through so much pain, the more I try to remember of the past, the more my head hurts. Forget it, I’ll think about it later, it’s better to take hold of the situation at hand.

I look at the pop-up window. It says [Common: Beginner Sword] 10 Dmg A sword for beginner adventurers. What? What does this even mean? If there is a GUI does that mean I was transported into a game? If this is a game, then does that mean there are other people? Or is this a world that is like a game. Or is this just a VR game that I can’t get out of…

Well, I might as well try to see if I can log out.

LOGOUT! LOGOUT! LOGOUT! *cough* *cough*

I repeatedly yelled “log out” to no avail. Even worse, it made my throat hurt. Out of ideas, I decide to go get some water. Going out of the room, what met me was a small village with a stone well in the center. Seeing this I feel somewhat relieved as my initial inference of this being a medieval era was true due to the existence of a blacksmith shop and leatherworker. When I pass the threshold of the small room, a pop-up appears.

[Beginner town]

Wow, the naming sense of this places sure is great. I quickly dispel my train of thought and begin to focus on my surroundings. It turns out that that small room was, in actuality, the entire house and that I had absolutely no furniture whatsoever other than the bed, and the small table. Though I feel wronged by the lack of furniture in the room, whoever made this world, the designer or god of this world, probably has better things to do than give a beginner like me furniture. It might come with the DLC though.