Chapter 10

Chapter 10: First Contact

As I leap off of the land of the gods, I quickly fall down towards the ground. When I am past the clouds I quickly deploy my parachute to slow down my fall so I don’t once again break my entire body. As I make my way down to the ground, a large gust of wind brings me towards the forest. I realize at this point that I do not know how to control a parachute. As I fall down into the trees, my parachute gets snagged on multiple branches. I am now a human puppet hanging on parachute lines. As I struggle to get out of the parachute, I once again realize that I do not know how to operate a parachute and thusly, cannot get out of one.

Wincent: “Well this is just great, last time I was stuck in a hold, and this time I am stuck in a tree, can this get any worse.”

As I voice my complaint in the seemingly empty woods, a feminine voice sounds out.

???: “Oh, never expected to see a human in these woods, it’s time for a nice treat.”

Wincent: “Treat? Please don’t eat me, I have high blood pressure, I am not a good treat, I am extremely unhealthy, you should try vegan, vegetables and fruits taste great, ha ha ha…”

???: “Oh, but it’s alright, I can have a treat every so often, I did just go on a diet,.

Wincent: “The first time I came down here, I was eaten by wolves, now I am going to be eaten by whatever is down here. Sigh, what did I do in my past life to deserve such a fate.”

???: “Eat you? I never said anything about eating you, I was just going to drink a bit of your blood, that’s all.”

Wincent: “You’re not going to eat me? Wait, drink blood, does that mean you’re a vampire?”

???: “Precisely, what? Did you think I was like some sort of monster?”

Wincent: “Kinda, yea, considering the fact that I can’t see you and that we are in a dark forest. With no one around.”

???: “Welp, now that that conversation is over, let’s get on with the formalities, it’s vampire etiquette ya know. I’ll start, I’m Lilith.”

Wincent: “If I don’t say my name, does that mean that you can’t suck my blood.”

Lilith: “In those cases, we usually put the target under torture until they say their name, though it can get quite bloody sometimes, and it wastes a lot of product, ITs still acceptable.”

Wincent: “I’m WINCENT , please don’t hurt me, I’ll tell you anything you want to know. Ha ha ha…”

Lilith: “Now that’s the spirit. Well, bottom’s up.”

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