Chapter 7

Chapter 7: Redemption 101: A guide to getting out of hell

God: “Well now that you finally have your memories back, or part of them anyway, We can finally get down to business.”

Wincent: “What business?”

God: “Sending you to a new mortal plane for you to redeem yourself of course.”

Wincent: “Well, what business do we need to attend to?”

God: “First off, here is a book to get you up to date on the situation, oh and you will also need your equipment back, but first, you will have to make a decision. Do you either choose to kill sinners, or choose to redeem them. Do you choose to create your own miracles, or do you choose to slaughter those who go against the world. This is your choice to make.”

Wincent: “What even are those choices?”

God: “Well the first one would mean that you would work as a holy-man, going around healing people and helping people, while also using love and compassion to change people for the better. The second option is a path of slaughter, where you kill everyone who has a large amount of sin. There is always the mix of the two every now and then, but those cases are rarely found.”

Wincent: “So I can choose to be a complete pacifist and go around with flowers in my hippie van, or I can go around on a war horse slaughtering myself a sea of blood.”

God: “That’s the gist of it. You just forgot the part where you needed to kill people who have sinned, killing innocents are an absolute no can do, but of course, if people wrong you, you are allowed to take revenge. We don’t really discriminate on this part. As long as you have a good enough reason in order to kill someone, and the equipment you are about to get agrees with it, you can go on and kill them.”

Wincent: “What do you mean if my equipment agrees with it? What equipment will I be getting?”

God: The ordinary loadout, [Common: Beginner sword], [Artifact: Judgement Scale],[N/A: Proof of God’s Envoy]. [Artifact: Map of Sin].

[Artifact: N Sword] 10 Dmg

A mystic sword that grows with the user.

[Artifact: Judgement Scale] Special item

Used to judge the accumulated sin of the user


-1000000                          0                            1000000

Current: -9999999

[N/A: Proof of God’s Envoy] Special item

Right to respawn after death.

[Artifact: Map of Sin] Special item

Minimap Upgrade: Minimap now shows accumulated sin or virtue.

God: “Now that that is all sorted out, there is one last thing to give you.”

Wincent: “What is it?”

God: “Here it is.”

You received book: [Redemption 101: A guide to getting out of hell.]


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